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Welcome to Wild Shot Camera - High quality video equipment rentals at truly affordable rates. If you're serious about your craft as a film maker, then you know how important it is to have high quality video equipment rentals at prices within your reach. 

Essential video equipment like camera cranes, pan tilt unit systems, mini pan tilts and others, need to be accessible to you at very reasonable costs. However, often, this task is easier said than done. While there are many companies renting out video equipment, you'll often find yourself scratching your head with the outrageous amounts you'll have to shell out to be able to use their equipment for your projects. The term "Hollywood price" pertains to high quality equipment you can rent at outrageously high rates. 
Here at Wild Shot Camera, we have just the answer to film makers, videographers and others who need top quality video equipment that's at par with the quality of high-priced rentals and does exactly what they do, but at rates that are much more affordable. We've made Hollywood quality equipment affordable to independent film makers, church videographers and others who are serious about their craft and want the best equipment for the work they require but at more budget-friendly prices. 

Whether you're in the U.S., Canada, Mexico, or any other country around the world, know that you have a more affordable option the delivers the same value as higher priced video equipment rentals offer. We provide high quality pan tilt systems, trolley systems, mini pan tilt, camera gymbal and more, at rates you'll love. 

Call us today to ask about any video equipment you need. Our friendly staff is always ready to assist you with your needs. Here at Wild Shot Camera, you can always be sure to get Hollywood quality film making equipment without the Hollywood prices.
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