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Welcome to Wild Shot Camera - Million dollar film productions without the million dollar price tag.

Imagine two products with exactly the same characteristics; these two competing products provide the same value, the same level of quality in terms of performance, and deliver the exact same function as the other - but here's the catch: one is premium priced while the other is very affordably priced. Which one would you choose? Easy question to answer right?

Here at Wild Shot Camera, we've made that decision as easy for our clients to make as possible. We provide high quality video equipment rentals like camera cranes, pan tilt unit systems, camera gymbals, and others at the most affordable rates. We give our customers a chance to use Hollywood quality equipment without the dreaded Hollywood prices.

As an independent film maker myself, I discovered a very real need for quality film making equipment at very reasonable prices - not Hollywood prices, because let's face it - who can afford those rates? Only Hollywood! Here at Wild Shot Camera, our goal is to make these video equipment essentials accessible to anyone around the world who had a vision and a strong passion to create a truly remarkable masterpiece. With Wild Shot Camera's high quality, low-priced equipment rentals, you now have the chance to create that masterpiece without the excessive costs.

Wild Shot Camera caters to the needs of professional videographers and independent film makers all over the world who need top quality pan tilt systems, mini pan tilt systems, trolley systems, camera gymbals, and others, at truly affordable rates. We've made it possible for you to get the perfect shot without the million dollar price tag!!
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